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Tai Chi

Sifu Robert Gott

Our program is taught in a modern clean and safe environment with world-class instructors. The journey begins with your introductory class which gives you a feeling of confidence that you can do this too. It’s great for beginners looking to learn Tai Chi. Classes are supported with online instruction as well as a library of reference material you revisit as many times as you like. Learning Tai Chi today with all of the resources available is much easier than it was centuries ago when most of these systems of learning were kept secret. 

When you arrive at your first class you’ll feel like you belong. Learning Tai Chi is like learning anything else when you enjoy practicing success is assured!  Medical studies have shown the Tai chi reduces stress, fear, depression, hypertension, and blood pressure.  It also improves confidence, flexibility, balance, and posture while increasing your strength, circulation, and mental outlook.  Regular practice also enables the body to heal itself, while encouraging self-development, improved quality of life, self-discipline, self-defense skills, self-discovery, as well as enlightenment

For your safety and convenience, our classes are available both online and in the school.  Typical results are increased energy, improved health, stress relief, meditation Often Tai Chi is compared to yoga and is excellent for seniors, because it reduces arthritis, increases flexibility, reduces pain and inflammation as a well as improved balance and stability. Here at the Red Dragon, you can be assured of qualified instruction. With over fifty years of experience, our certified instructors can help you develop the skills that make that improve the quality of life.

“…with its gentle, fluid movements and proven health benefits, it’s a natural arthritis workout.”  –