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Tai Chi

Sifu Robert Gott

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese discipline that is followed by millions of people all over the world.

It is a system of exercises with both physical and mental benefits that everyone can practice regardless of age and physical abilities. Every student learns to practice according to his/her ability and within his/her natural range of movement.  The movements are extended, natural, gentle, graceful, and relatively simple and easy to learn.

Tai Chi is also a martial art, where embodied within the slow and gentle movements are powerful vigor and force.

No matter what your age, Tai Chi is a complete martial art that can not only be used for improved health and wellness, but also for self defense.

Some call it a form of moving meditation that helps you to live in the spring of your life.


“…with its gentle, fluid movements and proven health benefits, it’s a natural arthritis workout.”  –