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Sifu Robert Gott

Sifu Robert A. Gott, born and raised in the Buffalo area, has been involved in martial arts training and teaching for over 45 years. Sifu Gott established the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts in 2001.

Sifu Gott has studied many forms of martial arts including Judo, Kempo Karate, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Chen Style Tai Chi, Yang Style Tai Chi, Wu style Tai Chi, Wu/Hao Style Tai Chi, Sun Style Tai Chi and Fire Dragon Chi Kung. It has been his great pleasure and honor to study with Grand Master Yuanming Zhang, Master Ting Fong Wong, Master Norm Mandarino, Sifu James Fox, Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo, Master Yang Jun, Master Chen Zhenglei, Master Wu Wenhan, Master Ma Hailong, and Master Sun Yongtian.

Over time, he settled on the hard style of Hung Gar Kung Fu and the soft style of Yang Style Tai Chi which he teaches at the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts.

“Of the various styles that I have studied, I chose Hung Gar and Tai Chi because of the structure and the in-depth learning opportunities they each provide.  Hung Gar, as a “hard” martial art fighting style, seemed very practical and natural to me. Since Hung Gar is very demanding on the body, I was looking for “soft” style that I could continue enjoy as I got older that would help me maintain health and balance and that is what Tai Chi is all about. Both systems are form based and, regardless of any belt achievements, the student can see how they are progressing because the forms are consistent and measurable.”

Sifu Gott has successfully represented both styles at all level of competition.  Most notably, he took two gold medals and one silver medal at the Yang Family Style Invitational Tournament which is held regularly in Shangxi Province, China.

He is very proud and honored to be able to teach martial arts and provide a wonderful contribution to the health and well-being of the community.

Sifu Gott considers all students part of his extended family. In fact, the title “Sifu” means “teacher father”. He and his instructors believe it is their duty to try their best to teach those who are enthusiastic about learning Kung Fu. Ultimately, students and instructors will work together to achieve good health and skills and fully enjoy the Chinese martial arts.

Sifu Gott is pictured here with Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang