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Hung Gar Kung Fu is wonderful and practical ancient Chinese martial art. Scroll down to learn more!

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Hung Gar Kung Fu is wonderful and practical ancient Chinese martial art. It is a close range “hard” style containing empty hand forms, weapon forms, Chi Kung breathing, isometric training exercises, and the Chinese Lion Dance.

The Hung Gar style uses the movements of the five animals for self defense and to develop the body, mind and spirit. These animals include the snake, crane, leopard, tiger and dragon. Each animal movement has its own specialized attribute.

As humans we can learn from the attributes of each animal and anyone can do this. The system is considered by some to be very practical and easy to learn because it uses eighty to ninety percent hands which mean it is easier to apply especially in adverse weather.

About the class:
The first half of every class still stresses the basics. The better one knows the basics, the more capable he is of mastering the advanced movements of the system. The second half of the class is dedicated to form training, two man sets, self defense contact drills, and weapons. Because basic training and practicing of the forms are all that are needed for self defense, every class stressed basic horse stances, animal postures, and basic blocking, punching and kicking techniques.

Sifu Gott also stresses the importance of Chi Kung Jung Hay internal breathing and hand strengthening exercises. However, keeping with the notion that sparring techniques are a good training device for students and for participating with tournaments, these techniques are also taught. Sifu Gott considers his students his family. He is the father, the teacher, the head of the family, and all of the students are as children, brothers and sisters, all working in harmony to achieve a common goal. The reason for this harmony is simple – all of us want to see ourselves grow in the art.

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