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Sifu Robert Gott established the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts in 2001. The school offers training opportunities in Yang Style Tai Chi, Hung Gar Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts.

Dedicated to the continuation of these great traditions we offer a safe and family friendly martial arts experience for everyone from 3 to 103!


Looking for a life changing experience? Your time has come! Find out why millions of people world-wide partake in the ancient tradition!

Join a Tai Chi or Hung Gar Kung Fu class today and beginning reaping the benefits tomorrow!

Classes are just $149 a month, and senior and children's discounts are available!

Hung Gar Kung Fu

Hung Gar Kung Fu is wonderful and practical ancient Chinese martial art. Often referred to as a "hard style", it is a close ranger fighting system which includes empty hand forms, weapons training, and Chi Kung breathing.

Classes for ages 3-12 meet on Monday and Thursday:

- Little Dragons (3 - 4) 5:10-6:40 PM
- Little Dragons (5 - 6) 5:45-6:15 PM
- Little Dragons (7 – 12) 6:20-7:00 PM

- Adults (13 & up): 5:15-6:00 PM Tues, Weds, Fri

Private lessons with Sifu Robert Gott are also available and can be scheduled upon request.

Little Dragons (ages 7-12)

It's never to early to begin learning discipline, focus and self-control, and our Little Dragon's learn all about that in classes designed just for them!

For ages 7 through 12 - learn the fundamentals of Hung Gar forms and techniques.

Hung Gar Kung Fu for Teens and Adults

Are you looking for a challenging workout? Want to improve your overall well-being while giving your focus and self-confidence a boost? Look no further! Practicing Hung Gar Kung Fu can give you all that and more!

"Tai Chi for All Ages" with Sifu Robert Gott

Tai Chi is a thousand year old tradition that unifies body, mind and energy and nurtures every part of ourselves. This unification of body, mind and energy is what gives Tai Chi its widely held reputation as an efficient health system that can help us to maintain health, and emotional and spiritual balance, amid the stresses of daily life. Or, in other words, better quality of life.

Classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 AM and 6:15 PM.

Demonstration of Yang Style Tai Chi – Sifu Robert Gott

Mixed Martial Arts is back!

Back by popular demand, MMA has returned to the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts!
Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9 PM

Our Instructors!

Sifu Robert Gott
Sifu Robert Gott
Mark "Gofu" Doyle<br>
Little Dragons
Mark "Gofu" Doyle
Little Dragons
Erin "Gofu" Woodard<br>
Kung Fu & Tai Chi - all ages
Erin "Gofu" Woodard
Kung Fu & Tai Chi - all ages
Tai Chi
Tai Chi

Great Experience!

"It's a great experience for my 3 kids. They love going and will continue to go for awhile. Highly recommend this school awesome atmosphere."

- Wally S.

My Kids Love It!

My Kids Love It!

"All three of my kids absolutely love taking classes here!! Awesome learning experience for them!"

- Linda R.

No One Compares!

"I've tried a few martial arts places for my children and no one compares. The small Kung Fu classes allow my children to develop the fundamentals and learn faster. I did not see this at other facilities."

- Rebecca R.