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Tai Chi’s slow and gentle movements are embodied vigor and force, part of the rich culture of China. The movements are extended and natural, gentle and graceful, simple and easy to learn.

Tai Chi Martial Arts Classes | Hamburg, NY | West Seneca, NY | Blasdell, NY | Orchard Park, NY

Every student learns to practice according to his/her ability and within his/her natural range of movement. The movements are extended, natural, gentle, graceful, and relatively simple and easy to learn.

Tai Chi is also a martial art, where embodied within the slow and gentle movements are powerful vigor and force. No matter what your age, Tai Chi is a complete martial art that can not only be used for improved health and wellness, but also for self defense. Some call it a form of moving meditation, others the fountain of youth and still others say that it has changed their lives in a wonderful way by bringing passion back into their lives. It is like living in the spring of your life! We promise you will love the results!

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Red Dragon School of Martial Arts offers it’s training programs to residents of Erie County, New York including Hamburg, Orchard Park, West Seneca and Blasdell.

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