About Red Dragon School of Martial Arts
Our martial arts facility features two training rooms for simultaneous classes allowing to fit most individual’s schedules
Our Martial Arts Classes
We are a traditional Kung Fu School that teaches Hung Gar and Yang Style Tai Chi with over 30 years of experience. Our classes include Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kendo and QiGong
Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Classes
Our Cardio Kickboxing workouts are designed to target zones, burn more than 700 calories in a single class, and build super strength, feel and look your best in no time!
QiGong Martial Arts Classes
We train QiGong with a goal of cultivating an intensity of Chi (energy) both internally and spiritually. With regular practice the body’s organs are made stronger and function more effectively through the development of positive Chi (energy).

Red Dragon School of Martial Arts | Erie County, New York

The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts is a traditional Kung Fu School that teaches Hung Gar and Yang Style Tai Chi with over 30 years of experience.

Kung Fu | Martial Arts Classes

Our Kung Fu program is designed to build confidence, improve you self esteem, learn to defend yourself, lose weight, relieve stress, have fun and meet new friends all at the same time.

Tai Chi | Martial Arts Classes

Tai Chi's slow and gentle movements are embodied vigor and force, part of the rich culture of China. The movements are extended and natural, gentle and graceful, simple and easy to learn.

QiGong | Martial Arts Classes

Chi Kung (also spelled Qigong) is a form of energy work and one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise in China. There are about 350 different variations whose purpose is to guide energy.

Cardio Kickboxing | Fitness Class

Achieve your fitness goals with a perfect combination of weight-resistance training, cardio kickboxing, cardiovascular training and aerobics.

The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts

Welcome to The Red Dragon School of Martial Arts, the leading provider of Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes in the Buffalo, NY area with over 30 years of experience and home to two time Tai Chi World Champion Sifu Robert Gott.

“To use the martial arts as a vehicle to have a positive influence on peoples lives both in and out of the community. Our goal is to help strengthen the spiritually, mentally and physically”

Most individuals have little to no martial arts experience when they walk through or doors. Our instructors are able to understand the individual need of each of our students and have the patients to teach you step-by-step.

Our Trial Program includes two weeks of classes (both private and group instruction) in a comfortable and encouraging environment. No experience is necessary (we teach everything step-by-step), and we include a free t-shirt, so you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Come see how training at the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts can transform your life.

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